Best Bet: Nailing Hollywood x NCLA Nail Wraps


Those self-adhesive strips of polish are an example of modern technology that's been put to damn good use. They're a lifesaver for that unskilled self-manicurist and other cannot-wait-for-polish-to-dry types. Speaking of, NCLA (the company responsible for Bey's inaugural paint job) now has a collaboration with the nail artist trio behind Nailing Hollywood (who count Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and Kelly Rowland as their clients). They've artfully designed six sets of nail wraps that include "Dita Did It," a demure, nude reverse French manicure; "Electric Gradient," full of eye-popping neons; and "Galaxy," a starry solution to nail art.

NH x NCLA Nail Wraps, $16 each.