Cher Sighting at Gareth Pugh!

Cher arrives at Gareth Pugh. Photo: Zacharie Scheurer/Corbis

Paris Fashion Week is so exciting not only because it's home to the industry's biggest labels, but also because random big-name celebrities will unexpectedly surface at shows. (Like Kanye, at long last, or Valerie Trierweiler.) Sure, that happens in other cities, but more so in Paris, probably because their runways can be such spectacles. Anyway, today's Best Important Person Sighting prize goes to ... Cher! In head-to-toe black and enormous dangly hoop earrings at Gareth Pugh! The Times' Eric Wilson tweeted, "Shut up! Cher is at Gareth Pugh. She's perfect for the clothes." (Clearly, no one can write about this without exclamation points.) Anyway, feel free to envision her wearing one of these Pugh concoctions, which appear to be fashioned from meticulously shredded garbage bags.  

See the complete Gareth Pugh fall 2013 collection here.