Chloe Moretz Wore Chanel to Her Super Sweet 16

10th Anniversary Of Teen Vogue And Aeropostale's Celebration Of Chloe Grace Moretz's Sweet 16 at Aeropostale Times Square. Pictured: Chloe Moretz Photo: SartorialPhotoWire/Corbis

Last night, the latest incarnation of Carrie attended Teen Vogue's 10th Anniversary Party (which doubled as her Sweet Sixteen birthday party) wearing an intricately embroidered powder blue dress from Chanel's 2013 Resort collection. Since the event was held at Aeropostale in Times Square, the guest of honor fittingly added a hint of teen angst to her pastel look by adding a black leather jacket from the host store. She paired her look with a cream cross-body Chanel bag, dual-colored navy and black heels, perfectly tousled wavy hair, and rose-kissed lips. Jennifer Lawrence may have played a spoiled 16-year-old in now-vintage  MTV “Super Sweet Sixteen” promos, but Moretz seems to be living the life. Did she get a new Rolls-Royce at the end of the night to match her Chanel?