How to Re-create the Rocker Eye at Marc Jacobs

Photo: Samantha Hahn

We hope you've enjoyed the Jason Wu and Michael Kors how-to eye illustrations by Samantha Hahn. This weekend, we take things in a different direction and suggest you test drive the punk-mod, black-and-white eye look by Francois Nars for the Marc Jacobs show. Here's how.

Products used: Nars Pandora Duo eyeshadow, Black Moon eye liner, Black Valley Eye Paint (available next fall), Santa Monica Blvd Larger Than Life eyeliner, Zen blush, Nico blush, and Triple X lip gloss.

Step 1: Apply primer and concealer to eyelids for a completely matte shadow finish.

Step 2:  Take a black liner pencil and outline the shape of the eye, starting from the tear duct, following along the crease, and underneath the bottom lashes. Completely fill in the outlined space with pencil.

Step 3: Using a white pencil, draw along the waterline.

Step 4:  Brush black eye shadow powder all over the eyelids, blending and diffusing the shadow so the shape looks round and not cat-eye-like. Sweep shadow under the bottom lashes.

Final look: Finished the eyes with a swipe of mascara and a dot of creamy shadow to center of lids for extra shine. Add taupe blush contour to the cheeks and a dot of clear gloss to lips.