Inspirations From Rodarte's Fall Collection


The Mulleavy sisters take music seriously; their father was an avid music collector whose record collection helped finance the beginnings of Rodarte. So it made sense that at their runway show this week, the collection reflected the two genres they grew up with: psychedelic rock and grunge. We felt the models' grunge-y goth looks through the sounds of the Butthole Surfers as they wove their way through a neon light installation, and when the dark trenches of the '90s morphed into freaky '60s looks, the music transitioned into Beck's Black Hole and the twangy sitar reminded us of a time when LSD was considered innocent. 

We couldn't resist making a mood board of all the imagery that raced through our minds of this strange world that the Mulleavy sisters invoked with its mix of psychedelic, goth, and grunge references. So to get in the mindset of Rodarte, click through our mood board or go make one of your own on Pintrest.

Click here to see the full Rodarte fall 2013 collection.