Jennifer Lawrence Discusses That Non-Malfunction at the SAG Awards

Jennifer Lawrence.

Although it seems the matter ought to be put to rest by now, apparently some folks are still hung up on the momentary flash of sheer fabric that occurred when Jennifer Lawrence climbed the stairs at the SAG Awards. Her Dior dress did not rip — the brand said so! —  and today the actress even confirmed it herself. "It's the way the dress was structured," the actress explained to British Vogue. "It's a tiered dress, which I didn't understand until I sat down and saw my thighs through sheer material and thought, 'What's going on?!' So yes, that was a surprise, but not a malfunction." The situation was so silly that Lawrence managed to joke about it. "I planned it," she quipped. "I was concerned people would start talking about the award that I won, and my acting, so I thought I'd pull a stunt just to get things back to where they need to be." Dior, let's give the lady a raise.