Male Gaze: Bear Grylls, the Ultimate Survivor

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

Our favorite, fearless, British man of the wild will be back to baring his chest, swimming in sub-zero waters, dropping from a helicopter into the ocean, and literally dive-fishing to eat (see below). According to Entertainment Weekly, Bear Grylls will be bringing his pluck, sharp eyes and ruggedly handsome looks back to Discovery for a six-episode series, Bear Grylls: Ultimate Survivors. Unfortunately, North America will be missing out on any sightings, as the show will follow the Special Forces veteran into the Amazon, the European Alps, and the North African desert. We're a little upset that we won't get to see him casually tossing his closely cropped brunette hair post-swim or barking out survival tips to us in that accent of his. Or running around the wilderness naked.