Male Gaze: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Soccer God Quads

Photo: JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images

The always-tan Real Madrid soccer player and former Armani manties model from Portugal just played in the heat of the Copa del Rey semifinal tournament and led his team to victory by scoring two goals against FC Barcelona with the help of his gloriously muscular pair of legs. While we all know that this forward is supremely skilled at sprinting across grassy fields while dribbling a ball between his feet, we tend to get more sidetracked by this soccer god’s devilishly handsome face, dimpled smile, and sculpted body. In his early twenties, Ronaldo achieved heartthrob status as a frosty-tipped, diamond-stud-wearing athlete with a sexy accent and penchant for tearing off his jersey mid-roar, exposing his ripped abs and pecs to melting hearts all around the globe. On his days off the field, he even used to walk around in itty-bitty red swim shorts with a giant crucifix hanging from his neck. If you feel inclined to refresh your memory of the soccer star clad in nothing but underwear, lo! A video below.