Male Gaze: Happy Birthday, Honest Abe

01 Jan 1992 --- FILM 'THE AGE OF INNOCENCE' BY MARTIN SCORSESE. Photo: Bureau L.A. Collection/Corbis

Today marks the birthday of the sixteenth President of the United States, which means it's time to appreciate the fine Kentucky man's brains ... and his vintage, bearded looks. We're pretty sure that, as Honest Abe was working on abolishing slavery, it never crossed his mind that there would be a blockbuster, Oscar-nominated film made about him someday. But, upon further research, it seems that Daniel Day-Lewis was always meant for the film, because even in his youth, he looked like what young Abe Lincoln could have looked like. In the photo above, we see the young actor with his tamed dark brown hair, fierce gaze, firm jawline, and strong sideburns. As Marilyn once said, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President."