Male Gaze: Joe Flacco’s Verbose MVP Spirit

Photo: Matt Slocum/Corbis

Yesterday in the Superdome, all eyes were fixated on Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco as he led his team to victory, scoring three touchdowns in the first half of the game and completing 22-of-33 passes — making all of Baltimore (and converted fans nationwide) fall at his feet. While those arms that throw perfect spirals are obviously respectable, the man underneath the headgear and shoulder pads is just as gorgeous. With his short brown hair cropped close to his head, boyish grin, and dimpled cheeks, it was impossible not to smile along with him (excluding you, 49ers fans) as he majestically hoisted the Lombardi trophy above his head as purple and gold confetti gracefully showered around him. Or when he cursed while expressing his joy to his teammate. Now that he's MVP, Flacco's also the new owner of a red 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray. We all dream of someday riding shotgun with him, if we didn't feel sorry first: He already has a wife.