Male Gaze: John Harbaugh Is the Hot Harbaugh

Photo: Nick Wass/Corbis

It takes steely confidence, uncompromising leadership, fierce determination, and a good head of hair to lead a team of giant-size dudes to a Super Bowl game. And this season, the subtly salt-and-peppered head coach of the Baltimore Ravens is just that man. At game time, his sweet, puppy-dog eyes will be fixed on the field with supreme concentration, until that triumphant moment when a winning touchdown play is made and his radiant smile can be spotted from a stadium's upper deck! Sure, rival Super Bowl coach Jim Harbaugh looks fairly similar, given that they are brothers, but this Harbaugh is the one worth lusting after. John Harbaugh is the superior brother; the Patrick Swayze to Jim's Don Swayze; the Ben Affleck to Jim's Casey. Tune in to the Super Bowl this Sunday to cheer on the handsomer Harbaugh and his AFC Championship winning team, the Baltimore Ravens. 

This post has been written by a person from Baltimore.