Male Gaze: Josh Duhamel Is the Hunk Next Door

Photo: John Salangsang/LEP/Splash/Corbis

Safe Haven, Nicholas Sparks's latest mushy (and slightly edgy) romance novel turned movie, will be released in theaters on Valentine's Day, according to the previews that have been making their rounds on television all week. And while it'll probably make legions of viewers sob or once again question just how, exactly, one man single-handedly penned so many love stories, it will also give us all the gift of 115 minutes of uninterrupted viewing time to watch the gorgeous Josh Duhamel play a hunk next door. We’ll get to watch him be casually manly while fixing a bike for his lady interest, look scruffy and glorious in plain white tees (or no shirt at all), and say the words, “Would you like to go canoeing with me?” in a perfectly glorious way. We’d go out on a hand-carved boat with him anytime. And since it’s Nicholas Sparks, we’d probably get stuck with him out in the canoe in the rain. Too bad.