Male Gaze: Marc Jacobs’s Salt-and-Pepper Scruff

Photo: Rune Hellestad/Corbis

Tonight, on Valentine's Day, Marc Jacobs will effectively shut down New York Fashion Week with his rescheduled show. People will probably love it. (Sorry, we had to.) And while it's no secret that we adore the creativity and clothing that come straight from within Marc's closely shorn and, at times, faux-hawked head (his delayed show alone had editors scrambling to reschedule flights to London), we obviously love his stately, incredibly built body — from his perpetually tanned, salt-and-pepper-bearded face to his toned pecs and washboard abs that he shows off whenever he's walking on the beach in a Speedo (or showing up in a magazine drinking Diet Coke). It's also impossible to not fall in love with the giant SpongeBob tattoo on his right bicep. We could watch that sponge grow and shrink (whenever he flexes his arm) until we die.