Michelle Obama Thanks Big Business in Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 13: First lady Michelle Obama speaks during an interactive student workshop with the cast and crew of the film Beasts of the Southern Wild at the State Dining Room of the White House February 13, 2013 in Washington, DC. The first lady hosted middle and high school students from the DC area and New Orleans to participate in the event. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) Photo: Alex Wong/2013 Getty Images

The bangs were just the beginning. Less than a week after dancing on late-night television, First Lady Michelle Obama is in the op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal — the preferred daily of people who hate her husband — writing on her pet topic, childhood obesity. In this latest installment of the Let's Move campaign media blitz, the First Lady thanks Big Business for proving that profits can be made off carrots and other nontoxic food. She praises Walmart and Walgreens in particular, for bringing fresh produce into underserved communities. She also points out that corporations shoulder much of the $190 billion Americans spend annually to treat obesity-related diseases, a line which probably got a big smiley-face sticker from Journal owner Rupert Murdoch. He memorably does not like obese people much. At any rate, second-term Michelle is already way fun.