Eight Kisses for Same-Sex Marriage

Photo: Bill Clark/Roll Call Group/Getty Images

Today concluded the Supreme Court hearings challenging Proposition 8, California's same-sex marriage ban, and the Defense of Marriage Act, which prevents same-sex couples from receiving federal benefits. Legal analysts say arguments did not go well for same-sex marriage's opponents, particularly with regards to the DOMA, but justices are not expected to hand down a decision until June. Until then, here are are eight more oral arguments in favor of same-sex marriage from outside the Supreme Court this week.

The "Skim Milk" Kiss:

The "What Animus?" Kiss:

The "Unconstitutional Since Forever" Kiss

The "Harmful to Children" Kiss:

The "Non-Procreative" Kiss:

The "Strom Thurmond's Fidelity" Kiss:

The "Younger Than Cell Phones" Kiss:

The "Letting the States Experiment" Kiss: