All the Jennifer Aniston Wedding Rumors, Rated on a Scale of Falseness

The happy couple. Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Rumors about Jennifer Aniston's wedding have been a-swirling ever since she got engaged last fall, and they've gotten particularly feverish since the Oscars. Of course, most come from "sources close to the situation," so truth is relative — for all we know, they might have already gotten married in their guest bathroom, or on a private island, or ... at Donna Karan's beach house. We've parsed the gossip and rated the stories from 0 (false) to 10 (truth). 

Rumor: The wedding will be "any day now."
Source: Perez Hilton.
Potential truth rating: 2. Aniston's rep called the statement "made up," but didn't deny the imminent date.

Rumor: She'll wed in Valentino.
Source: Grazia.
Potential truth rating: 7. Grazia reported that Aniston wore Valentino to the Oscars as a "thank you" to the designer for making her wedding dress. She does have a longstanding relationship with him, so there's a good possibility this could be true.

Rumor: She's planning her wedding for the same mystery date as Brad and Angelina's.
Source: The Sun.
Potential truth rating: 1. It's the Sun. Plus, that would just be rude.

Rumor: Justin Theroux will wear an Armani tuxedo.
Source: Also Grazia.
Potential truth rating: 5. He's worn Armani before, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Most recently, he wore a Ferragamo tux to the Oscars.

Rumor: Old friend Chelsea Handler will NOT be the maid of honor.
Source: Handler herself, to Extra.
Potential truth rating: 10. Handler said, "She has other friends that she is much closer to ... we're good friends, but no, she's not going to ask me. No, that would be really weird." 

Rumor: Handler will not be a bridesmaid either, or a flower girl.
Source: Handler herself, to Katie Couric.
Potential truth rating: 8. Handler could be pulling our leg, after all! And we so want this one to be true.

Rumor: It'll be small, and guests don't even know details yet; they've been told to wait for a phone call that'll provide information about the ceremony right before it happens.
Source: Radar Online's "unnamed source."
Potential truth rating: 7. A close-knit, secretive event goes without saying, but the phone thing sounds extreme.