Are Bieber’s Abs Airbrushed On in This Picture?


After a concert in Birmingham last night, Justin Bieber arrived at his London hotel at 3 a.m. on the morning of his 19th birthday. He then darted around the wintry streets in a state of partial nudity. At first sight, I thought his abs might be airbrushed. (Necessary, perhaps, for the concert?) Upon zooming in, however, I remain open to the theory that he had been seated in a slouched position before this photo was taken, and those red lines are creases. Click to zoom.

After this photo was taken, Bieber put some clothes on and commenced "partying up a storm with rumored girlfriend Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke and a bevy of beauties." Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke is an "aspiring British singer."

Justin Bieber was seen out on his 19th birthday in London, going to BLC Nightclub at around 3am and leaving at 4.45am then going to Shishawi on Edgware Road. Justin's rumoured girlfriend Ella Paige Roberts Clarke was out with the pop star at the club then at the shisha restaurant, they finally went back to his hotel around 5.45am. Photo: Weir Photos/Splash News