Beautégram: Obscured Vision at A.F. Vandevorst

Photo: Christina Han

Conehead shaped wigs with extra long bangs that hang just below the nostrils are slightly frightening and definitely impractical. But A.F. Vandvorst isn't known for "normal" looking things. The collection was inspired by the mythological figures and ancient rituals in Charles Fréger's photobook, Wilder Mann: The Image of the Savage, "They were part man, part animal covered in fur," explains makeup artist Inge Grogard. "You never saw their faces and it looked really bizarre." Since the bangs covered the entire face, only the lips were left to the makeup artist, so she painted them in bright shades of fuchsia, orange and red using MAC Lip Mix. Since these left a matte finish on lips, Grogard dabbed on Lip Conditioner just in the center of the mouth for a hydrated, semi-matte finish.

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