Estée Lauder to Sell Lip Smackers for Grown-ups


Back when wearing knapsacks with one strap oh-so-casually slung over a shoulder was cool, so was having one of those front pockets jam-packed with various flavors of Lip Smackers. Some would argue that there is no scent more wonderful than the sweetness delivered by the brand's Dr. Pepper–scented lip balm. While that version was good for daily, casual use, the Rolly was the one you saved for special occasions. For hangouts at the mall, school dances, family photos — these were the moments when that strawberry-scented, metal-roller-ball applicator touched your lips and left behind a candy-flavored coating of clear gloss. Instantly you felt grown-up and polished. This month, Estée Lauder introduces their Pure Color Sheer Roller Gloss — available in orangey Succulent and pinky Squeeze shades — that looks just like the nostalgic versions of the gloss, except slightly more adult. While both colors look punchy in their lucite cases, there isn't much color payoff; instead, they offer a non-sticky coating of watermelon Jolly Rancher–scented shine.