Linda Evangelista Once Fretted About Her Gums

Linda Evangelista. Photo: Neil Rasmus/

In the latest issue of Interview, makeup artist Francois Nars and Linda Evangelista reminisce about what they can and can't remember (wink!) about the nineties. Because no model Q&A is complete without a sad ugly duckling story, Evangelista ponied up an anecdote about her first shoot with Nars: "I got my turn, and I got so insecure because you were all talking about my gums and my knees. I thought, Oh, they don't like me. There's something wrong with my gums. They're saying, 'When she smiles, we can see her gums' ... I thought I was gonna be thrown out for the knees and the gums." What's even more disturbing: They were actually talking about how much they loved her gums. Phew?