Lindsay Lohan’s New Mug Shot Is Her Best One Yet

Photo: Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan's new mug shot is out, and it's her best one yet. (Top left.) After accepting a plea deal that will require rehab, community service, and probation for reckless driving and lying to the police, Lohan posed for her sixth-ever booking photo, this time with the Santa Monica police. In SMPD's luxurious booking studio, our modern Roxy Hart worked winged eyeliner and an insouciant expression that conveys boredom with a hint of mischief —  the perfect look for our beloved fashion-plate recidivist.

This is her first mug-shot updo. Photo: Santa Monica Police Department/Getty Images

Which Lindsay Lohan mug shot is your favorite? Clockwise from top left: March 2013, October 2011, September 2010, July 2010, November 2007, July 2007.