Look at All These Dudes With Ponytails


Yesterday, we showcased a portfolio of 30 women who all had one thing in common: a truly fantastic ponytail. Today, we give you the man version. Just like the ladies, there are various types — Hollywood men who tend to grow out their manes in-between film projects (it's the head version of the sweatpant), the "bad guy" in every movie, and the seemingly tough rap artists. All have, at one point or another, probably asked the following: "Do you have an extra hair thingy?"

Click through our slideshow to see some devilishly handsome ponytails (Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom), the athletic ponytails (David Beckham, Tom Brady), and a few other vintage versions you probably tried to erase from your memory. And don't forget to leave favorites we didn't include in the comments below, since it's not like we can highlight them all.