Look at These Dudes Owning Their Man-Curls


During this year's awards season, Bradley Cooper mentioned in a BAFTA's red carpet interview that he recently got a "perm" for a screen test. Well, looks like that film project is underway, because he was spotted outside of his trailer in Boston with a head full of pale-pink micro rollers. In our own experience, we know that using rollers of that dimension only means he's in for orphan-Annie-style, Chia Pet hair. So in case he's feeling a little curlycue insecurity, we've put together a list of men who were born with, and very much embraced, their own set of corkscrew tendrils. Click through the slideshow to see men with the long and curly (Antonio Banderas, Weird Al) to the 'fro-ed out (Justin Guarini, Will Ferrell), and even the possibly murdering kind (Phil Spector, soon be portrayed by a wigged out Al Pacino). Keep in mind, though, we ended up leaving out the Jheri curl crew because that's a whole other slideshow of shiny, squiggly glory, coming soon.