Made in America: 15 National Treasures to Try


Handbags from Italy, clothing from Paris, and curios that satisfy every whim from China, Malaysia, or India — many of our favorite things are often designed and mass produced abroad. But in our modern Etsy-fied times, let's not forget there are so many extraordinary small-batch design studios and workshops right here at home — and not just making artisanal mustard.

In this first installment of highlighting homegrown goods, the Cut focuses on future classics: things that you can count on loving many years from now. There's sultry, smoky, vetiver-based perfume oil made by Kathleen Currie of New Orleans and dark-hewn oakwood table lamps made by the Good Flock in Aurora, Oregon. Or, for a tongue-in-cheek take on a classic strand of pearls, slip some on by the jeweler Nektar De Stagni, who hails from Miami, and designs in NYC. Click on to discover these brands and more.