Male Gaze: Carmelo Anthony’s Charming Smile

Photo: Chris Szagola/Corbis

Tonight, the New York Knicks will be facing off against the Washington Wizards at the Verizon Center, which means that we'll have four quarters' worth of high-energy viewing time to see Mr. Carmelo "Melo" Anthony pump his legs down the court, shoot some hoops, furrow his brows into his mean game face, and then hopefully flash his boyish, winning smile by the end of the game. While we miss Melo's younger days when he sported intricate braids underneath all those terry headbands that he adores, we're also fans of his clean, buzzed look. It gives him a more mature look, fitting for one of the top-ranking small forwards in the NBA. We just hope he doesn't choose to suffocate his toned, tattooed arms in those arm bands tonight. We'd like to see them exposed in their full glory.