Male Gaze: Downton Abbey’s Brand-New Hunks

Photo: Getty Images

We'll admit that our hearts shattered when Downton Abbey's Matthew Crawley, the show's blond-haired stunner, met his — spoiler alert, if we're still playing that game — devastating end by getting hit by that milk truck just after becoming a father. But the miniseries Gods have sought to make amends by casting two gorgeous men to join the show in Dan Stevens's wake. The dark-haired, brooding Tom Cullen comes to us from World Without End, an eight-episode miniseries, and has been named to play Lord Gillingham, Lady Mary's completely gorgeous "old family friend" (a.k.a. future love interest) who suddenly pops up out of the blue. Julian Ovenden, with his wavy hair, deep gaze, solid jawline, and history of singing onstage, will be playing aristocrat Charles Blake, who will also be vying for her attention. So shed one final tear for the late Mr. Crawley, because with these men sauntering around the estate in full-on seduction mode, you’ll forget him almost as fast as Mary's first Turkish lover, Kemal Pamuk.