Male Gaze: Justin Theroux’s Hot Little Brother

Photo: Splash News

"Justin Theroux goes leather-clad twinsies with his little brother Sebastian: LOL?" asks Celebitchy. And the answer is NO. The correct response to this picture is not LOL but DROOL. Sure, the matching outfits are a little cheesy, but these are Theroux men. They ride motorcycles. They know about literature. And, most importantly, they look like this when they take their shirts off:

Sebastian Theroux is 24 years old. (Justin is 41.) Other things that happened when the Brothers Theroux rambled through New York: Sebastian licked his lip, Sebastian bit his lip, Sebastian showed his profile, and Justin shook hands with this guy:

"Aren't you the guy who gets to stick it in Aniston?" "Wedding's in Hawaii, see you there."