Male Gaze: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Man in Armor

'Game of Thrones' Premiere at TCL Theatre. Photo: Veronica Summers / Splash News

Take one long hard look at that smolder — zoom into it, inhale it, drink it all in. Because come Sunday, this green-eyed Danish man with long, dark-"golden" locks and an impressive amount of scruff (which Gaston probably couldn't even grow), will once again gallop away into Game of Thrones territory— the fantastical land of Westeros, so we've heard, or something like that — most likely wielding a sword and loving his sister a little too much. That is the extent of what we know about Jaime Lannister a.k.a Kingslayer a.k.a  Prince Charming's evil twin (and, for that matter, Game of Thrones), but now that we know he looks just about the same on and off the screen, we're looking forward to scoping his princely mug out in fashion land. Judging from photos at NYFW last season, he likes Y-3.