Male Gaze: Novak Djokovic’s Six-Pack Abs

Photo: Ella Ling/AMA/Corbis

Yesterday, the highest-ranked singles tennis player, Novak Djokovic, spent some free time brandishing his racket and hitting tennis balls for charity at the 9th Annual K-Swiss Desert Smash in La Quinta, California. And while we're proud that this Serbian tennis pro has a charitable bone in his body, we adore Djokovic's curious antics on the court even more. When he's feeling goofy, the lithe but ripped tennis player does everything from mimicking other players' serves to busting out the moves from viral dance memes. But it's when the twinkle disappears from his light brown eyes that we know he's game to do some of the most impressive bodily moves known to man — from splitlike spreads that attest to his incredible flexibility to triumphant squats that show off his quad power. Without question, our all-time favorite Djokovic move is when he swiftly removes his Uniqlo shirts after a win, flexing all of his abs while roaring in the name of victory.