Male Gaze: Versace Eros’s Dark, Mysterious Model

Photo: Courtesy of Versace

The eagle has landed. And by "eagle," we mean a tall, dark, and mysterious "Greek god" who literally goes by the name of "Love." Today, Versace launched their newest fragrance for men,  Eros — and the sculpted, glistening male model featured on the ad clutching onto the enormous turquoise bottle as if his immortal life depends on it (while his Versace robe slides off precariously in the wind) was hand-plucked off of Mount Olympus by Donatella Versace herself. In the dramatic, thunderous commercial below, watch Eros (a.k.a. New Jersey native Brian Shimansky) stomp through the rubble clad in nothing but gladiator sandals, underwear, and the aforementioned robe — and watch the wind finally succeed in pulling the robe off of him. Shimansky then bathes in a sudden downpour and shoots an arrow, all in 30 seconds.