Rejoice! E.U. Bans Animal Testing for Cosmetics

kitten miaows on lawn. Photo: Herbert Spichtinger/Corbis

Effective today, all cosmetic ingredients that have been tested on animals in and outside of the European Union will not be permitted to be sold within the E.U. This should come as no surprise, since they started a ban on animal testing of finished products back in 2004 and another in 2009 on animal-tested ingredients. According to the New York Times, even beauty powerhouse L'Oréal, based in France, would "no longer sell in Europe any finished product with an ingredient that was tested on animals." But this isn't a total recall. Products that were tested on animals that are currently on shelves will not be pulled. Even still, this is a huge step for all of our furry friends; hopefully other countries like the U.S. and China will soon follow suit.