Ugg Boots Discouraged at CPAC

Photo: Adrienne Royer

Ugg boots may have been the dark horse darling of soggy, snowy New York Fashion Week, but they have no place at this year's Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC. At least according to this totally charming "What to Wear/What Not to Wear" infographic that showed up on the CPAC Pinterest board (h/t Salon). 

I love it for its ontological judginess — Can shorts even be "dressy"? — and the political implications of the ban on TOMS, the limousine-liberal-beloved humanitarian shoe company that once apologized for speaking at a Focus on the Family event. As for image designer Adrienne Royer (whose website says she's a digital communications veteran who has worked "for figures such as Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Rick Santorum"), she favors a uniform of "LBD + slingbacks and pearls." Hey, if it ain't broke ...