Zoom on This: Zany Eyes From China Fashion Week


It's currently Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week in Beijing. And the one thing we've learned is that they do not mess around when it comes to eye doodads. Perhaps it's inspired from the world's obsession with nail art right now, or maybe Chinese models have stronger eyelids than western ones, but man, do they get creative with the makeup.

Photo: Feng Li

Tiny, clocklike Steampunk gears become the latest in brow accesories. You'll literally be able to tell when the wheels in her head are turning.

Photo: Feng Li

This Bride of Frankenstein probably had to do the eyelid version of kegels just to keep her heavy lashes open during this catwalk strut.

Photo: Lintao Zhang

The gold appliqués on this model's face look like you could unzip the top of her head right off. Sci-fi chic?