26 of the Best Short Haircuts in History


Edie Sedgwick's name never fails to pop up when discussing the all-important topic of historical short hair cuts. The Factory Girl, born seventy years ago this weekend, wasted no time becoming an overnight hair icon when in 1965 she chopped off her long, mousy brown hair into a bleach blond, and sometimes silver spray-painted crop cut. Women cut their hair for all different reasons, from film roles (Rooney Mara) to liberation (Emma Watson) but the chop feels as fresh and bold today as it did fifty years ago, with similar versions now back in the limelight on many young stars, from Miley Cyrus to Anne Hathaway, to Michelle Williams.

Short "boy" cuts tend to fall into two distinct camps: the pixie and the tougher, partially buzzed version. Actress Jean Seberg can be credited as one of the earlier adopters of the pixie (chopping it off in 1957 for her first film role as Joan of Arc), but her look became most iconic in Goddard's Breathless. Audrey Hepburn's enviable crop in Sabrina continues to inspire gamines everywhere. Click through the slideshow to see Rihanna, Agyness Deyn, Tilda Swinton, Mia Farrow, Demi Moore and all the women you'll want to use as short hair inspiration this spring.