33 Wedding Shoes You’ll Wear Again


Welcome to Weddings Week at the Cutwhere instead of overloading you with the traditional stuff that comes along with getting married, we think outside the box.

Once you're done obsessing over a dress, the next frontier to conquer is finding a perfect pair of shoes — whether you're the bride, a bridesmaid, or a wedding guest. For the bride, shoes can be a big sentimental decision, but also a moment for a big investment, and while there are gorgeous satin and lace options out there, perhaps it would be nice to wear the shoes again. And, once a bridesmaid, always a metallic-shoe-wearing bridesmaid, so you may as well get your cost-per-wear's worth and purchase something you'll get lots of use out of. Click through our slideshow for 35 shoes we love for every possible attendee and venue, be it a garden ceremony, a sandy beach, or City Hall.