Bitch, Do Not Steal These Girls’ Prom Dresses

Photo: Courtesy photo

High school girls have it so easy these days. According to the New York Times, high school promgoers are using Rent the Runway to approximate this year’s particularly prommy Oscar looks on a babysitter budget. Which is brilliant, because it’s not like they’re going to have occasion to wear these guys again once they get to college. Unless they’re as enterprising as Cut Emily, who repurposed her prom dress, pictured, for a gig playing a fairy princess at a child's birthday party.

Plus, the New York Post reports notes the rise of Facebook groups where girls post their dresses once they buy them to ensure there are no duplicates come prom night. “Welcome to the page where you tell people you’ll physically hurt them over formal wear,” Brooklyn Tech’s page reportedly says. If you’re curious what the kids are wearing these days, some of the groups are open. (SPHS Prom Dress Registry 2013 and CHS Prom Dress Duplication Prevention are nice.) And despite hostile group names such as “So no bitch steals your prom dress,” “if YOU steal MY prom dress, bitch I’ma cut you,” and “Steal my prom dress and I’ll knock you the fuck out,” the kids are all really sweet to each other. They like each other’s dressing-room selfies and tell each other how pretty they look, even when the dress is a really ugly purple number with a detachable, leopard print skirt that she was just posting as a joke/test of everyone in the group’s friendship. It’s almost enough to make you feel a little better about all their revenge porn and cyber-bullying.