Dove Campaign Parody: Men, Less Beautiful Than They Think


With its mission of pulling at heartstrings, it was only a matter of time before the latest viral Dove "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign — focused on women being beautiful, but nothing else — spawned a parody more insightful than the original. Well, here we go: Entitled "Dove Real Beauty Sketches - Men, dudes get their chance to wax on about their flawless physical traits ("My mom said I have the most beautiful teeth, so I love to smile”) to a heavily bearded "forensic artist" in a sunlit loft — only to have their self-perceived movie-star-esque self-image shot down by female strangers ("His eyes were rape-y ... if that makes sense?").

Some other choice selects:

“Tell me about your eyes.”
“A lot of people say they’re an abyss because they just don’t end.”

“What would you say is your most prominent feature?”
“Probably my bulge.”

After the final reveal of two starkly different portraits and lingering shots of pooling eyes, the lesson emblazoned on the final screen reads "Men. You’re less beautiful than you think.” Click above to watch and laugh.