Lagerfeld Not a Million Years Old

Photo: Laszlo Veres/Corbis

In a recent interview with Paris Match picked up by Le HuffPo, Karl Lagerfeld acknowledged that he was born neither in 1933, as listed on both Wikipedia and Voguepedia, nor 1938, as he claimed on occasion. (The discrepency also accounts for his 70th birthday celebration in 2008, his 79th birthday four years later, and this YouTube video of his first television appearance in 1955 at age 21 "I think," according to the uploader.) Lagerfeld told the French weekly his real birthdate is September 10, 1935, which he found out after his mother died. "[She] changed the [year]. It was easier to make a 3 or an 8 ... I don't know why she did it." So, he's presently 77.

Though the year has differed, Lagerfeld's always been a Virgo, "modest, meticulous and discriminating," writes Susan Miller on "He is a joy to live with as long as you understand the Virgo man's obsessive need to be productive on a daily basis." Choupette, on the other hand, is a Leo: "She's the one lighting up the room in her spectacular designer outfit — Leo women love to make an entrance. Her taste is superb and unfailing."