Male Gaze: Ashton Kutcher’s Taste for Fashion


Ashton Kutcher has strutted down catwalks in Brazil, shown off his bare chest while modeling Calvin Klein jeans, and even posed in nothing but his undies for Abercrombie & Fitch. (Let's remember that, at one point in his life, this man briefly studied biochemical engineering at University of Iowa.)  But the former model seems to have a love for fashion coursing through his veins; in the early aughts, Kutcher single-handedly made trucker hats the must-have accessory. Then in 2012, he created his own fashion label, Pickwick & Weller, with friends Ryan Donahue and Matt Rowe. Today, the brand's spring 2013 product line just launched, adding nicely made casual T-shirts and other apparel designed for the "creative professional." Before you toss on a Pickwick & Weller top, you'll remember that Ashton was behind its conception — with his deep, soul-gazing eyes and beautiful mane of chestnut hair. Or, uh, you might just like the shirt.