Male Gaze: Brian Boyle’s Mischievous Eyebrows

Photo: Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The end is near — and by that, we mean the final days of the NHL season have crept up on us. Tonight, the New York Rangers will be playing against the Toronto Maple Leaves. And while the team names sound relatively cheery and nonthreatening, we know that's far from the case. Hordes of grown men will be expertly gliding across an icy arena wielding sticks while armed in heavy pads and helmets to whack the little black puck into a netted goal (if not each other). The Rangers roster is saturated with good-looking men who could pass as models, but today we gaze upon number 22, the center who could probably pass as Superman. The Massachusetts native possesses long, lush hair that even looks good drenched in sweat, dark full brows, a killer jawline, and an easygoing smile. As for that sneaky eyebrow trick in the photo above? He's also a goofball who dressed up as an elf one Christmas and even imitated the Power Rangers.