Male Gaze: Christopher Abbott’s Sad, Vacant Eyes

Photo: HBO

"There's no reason to watch Girls anymore!" exclaimed one of the Cut editors upon hearing the devastating news that dropped this morning. We learned that Marnie's Charlie will no longer exist in the world of HBO's Girls. According to "Page Six," Christopher Abbott, who played the best-looking male on the show, decided to "abruptly" leave the series because he was "at odds" with Lena Dunham. So in memoriam of Marnie's sickly sweet boy-toy turned tech guru, we gaze upon Charlie at his peak, perfectly bearded state. He's pumping dangerous levels of hipster essence to everyone around him without even trying. Perhaps it was his somewhat empty brown eyes that make him look like a lost puppy in need of a hug. Or his lush, curly crop of hair that he once buzzed off sacrificed for the show. In any case, good-bye, Charlie. We hope this means a new beautiful man (or men) will take your place on the show.