Male Gaze: Ethan Hawke’s Gentlemanly Goatee

Photo: Ron Galella/WireImage

Tonight, one of the buzziest films at the Tribeca Film Festival, Before Midnight, will screen, starring a denim-shirt-wearing Ethan Hawke as he reprises his role as Jesse (of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset). While we're excited to see him romp around Greece alongside co-star Julie Delpy, one glance at his healthy goatee transports us back to Hawke's younger days — when said goatee was even healthier (if that's possible) and paired alongside bad-boy leather jackets with his slicked-back hair. The killer pairing of soft stubble and greasy locks successfully wooed Winona Ryder away from Ben Stiller in Reality Bites. His facial hair made another shy appearance in Great Expectations. But to venture back even further, to a time when his trademark scruff didn't even exist, check out Dead Poets Society. He played the shy boarding-school student, with bangs, who immortalized the words "O Captain! My Captain!" It seems as though he's successfully revived the bangs from decades past. Our only plea: Please never bring back the Guy Fieri cut again.