Male Gaze: Gideon Yago’s Bespectacled Face

Photo: Joseph Cultice/Corbis

Somebody please take us back to the early aughts, the days when music videos were so huge on MTV that V.J.'s ruled the roost, and a certain young, intelligent news correspondent named Gideon Yago succinctly informed us of politics, war, and all the heavier news topics that weren't pop-music-related. He might have been the original hipster news anchor (and smart girl's heartthrob), what with those dark-rimmed glasses, ironic tees, gigantic headphones, and perfect amount of scruff. Post–MTV News, Yago moved on to CBS News and then we lost track of this boy wonder. But he's since returned! (With his once dark and glossy brown hair peppered with a few stray grays!) According to The Hollywood Reporter, Yago wrote for HBO's The Newsroom until June and is now penning a Vietnam War drama called Airborne for Starz. While his mug won't be in front of the camera, we're happy to know that his brain is behind it.