Male Gaze: Jimmy Fallon’s Slightly Refined Humor

Photo: NBC/2013 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Our siblings at Vulture announced today that Jimmy Fallon, the adorable master improviser-comedian-actor-singer-dancer-and–Late Night–host will officially be taking over The Tonight Show in 2014, becoming the new owner of the comfy and coveted seat that Jay Leno has claimed for 22 years. Our favorite boyish, giggle-prone SNL alum, who once even impersonated Avril Lavigne and Enrique Iglesias for the MTV Video Music Awards, has since become more refined as a talk-show host, rapping with J.T. dressed classy in a tux and dancing in drag with MObama. But our favorite edition of Jimmy is forever immortalized in the video below. Watch the spry, wide-eyed Fallon in the early aughts sing his heart out alongside his "girlfriend," an unrecognizable and blonde Zooey Deschanel.