Male Gaze: John Cusack’s Porcelain Face

Photo: Corbis

Today marks day one of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, and one of the resident teen heartthrobs from the eighties, John Cusack, will be starring in one of the festival's most highly anticipated films, Adult World. He'll be playing a reclusive writer who mentors an aspiring poet and sex shop employee, played by Emma Roberts. While this is all kind of adorable because in 2001, Cusack acted alongside Roberts's famous aunt in America's Sweethearts, we're jetting back to the eighties to give this man his proper due — the decade when Cusack was actually stealing all of America's hearts playing adorable, quick-talking oddball outsiders-turned-romancers with names like Gib, Lloyd, and Lane. Once upon a time, a younger, puppy-eyed Cusack played characters that wrote about how to eat pizza without burning the roof of his mouth, lifted a boombox, and skied on one ski — all in pursuit of young love. Though he prefers to play curmudgeonly recluses and poets these days, he will forever be the angsty yet sensitive Lloyd Dobler in our male-gazing hearts.