Male Gaze: Orlando Bloom, Our Romeo (Literally)

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

We confess: We almost forgot how good-looking Orlando Bloom was for one hot second. (Our memories of him got a little hazy somewhere in between the third sighting of the Legolas wig to his seemingly unending reprisal of Will Turner, ex-blacksmith apprentice turned pirate.) But according to Entertainment Weekly, the dark-haired, puppy-eyed heartthrob who had women pining after him for hours in the Lord of the Rings franchise will be bringing his acting chops and evergreen good looks to Broadway in September — meaning we'll get to see Mr. Bloom fall in love, laugh, weep, fight, and — spoiler alert — drink poison onstage, live and in the flesh. He'll be playing Romeo in Broadway's Romeo & Juliet and acting alongside Tony Award–winning actress Condola Rashad, who will be playing Juliet. Lucky gal.