Male Gaze: The Best Bro of Beverly Hills

Photo: Ron Galella/WireImage

If you lived in the unassuming zip code of 90210 and wanted a date, you could choose from bad boy Dylan McKay, nice guy Brandon Walsh, or the brash rich-kid with a kind heart and sweet Corvette, Steve Sanders. Steve was the towhead trouble-maker, always up for a good keg party or rave, but when you needed him, he was there for a heart-to-heart at the Peach Pit.  Now Ian Ziering, the real-life Steve Saunders, is ready to really let it all out: the former Beverly Hills star will be doing a four-week guest stint as the Chippendale's headliner in Las Vegas. Besides having experience wearing short shorts and showing off his smooth, tanned chest, Ziering knows a little something about sex appeal. To get you ready for this momentous event, remember the good times when Steve spent his days playing volleyball, shirtless, at the beach club. Back when his biggest role was acting as man candy for the ladies of West Beverly High.