Style Tribes: The Flower Girls of Brooklyn


Tucked away in the catchphrase collective of all things artisanal, grass-fed, homegrown, and rustic is an emerging group of talented floral designers, mostly based in Brooklyn. The lifestyle is a busy one, with days starting at 5 a.m., when they're hustling to the flower markets, and often ending at 8 p.m. While weddings remain their main source of income, most of these girls come from art and fashion backgrounds and often find themselves prop styling for magazines and major designer ad campaigns.  

While each of the women we talked to has a distinctly different look, both sartorially and florally, they can all agree on two things: clogs and comfort. Every single girl mentioned the word "uniform," and they all have a distinct earthy sensibility about their style. Favorites include button-ups, jeans (J Brand and Levis) and clogs (No. 6 and Swedish Hasbeens). Vintage also played a strong role in each florist’s wardrobe. Click through the slideshow for a look at the best-dressed flower girls in town.