Swipe 24-Karat Gold on Your Mouth

Photo: Courtesy photo

Don't be surprised if people who witness you using Hourglass's fancy new lip treatment stop, stare, and demand answers about the shiny 24K-gold-plated tip. One gentle press down on the pump produces a tiny dollop of clear goo from the angled applicator, which easily glides onto the lip. Spotted before in the world of eye creams (to emulate the shape of a finger tip), the lip version seems just as fun and novel to use. Plus, the decadent No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil vessel is packed with all the same fourteen essential oils that are found in their best-selling No. 28 Primer Serum.

The formula includes a succulent plant's extract (Saliporine 8) that will boost your mouth's ability to retain hydration by 6000 percent once used over 28 days (it works like skin care). K3 Viamerine, an ingredient derived from sunflower helps reduce the appearance of mouth wrinkles. The gloss itself leaves behind a non-sticky, smooth sateen finish. While the luxurious, ultra-hydrating gloss will compel you keep it in your pocket at all times, the price tag ($42) will probably sway you to just store it bedside for nightly lip rejuvenation. Let its delicate lavender scent relax your mind into a quicker state of slumber.