YSL Biopic Without Bergé’s Blessing Is Postponed


Production on one of two films about the late designer scheduled to be in theaters this year has been pushed back, the Telegraph reports. Saint Laurent, directed by Bertrand Bonello, won't start shooting until September. Though François Pinault, who owns the YSL brand, supports the project and is permitting use of the house's logo and garments, Yves's partner Pierre Bergé gave his "official blessing" to Yves Saint Laurent, an entirely different movie that's being directed by Jalil Lespert.

Bergé opened up his foundation — which contains 35,000 sketches, 5,000 dresses, and 15,000 accessories — to Lespert only. And in January, he hinted at a possible lawsuit, tweeting, "Two films on YSL? I hold the moral rights over YSL's work, his image and mine and have only authorised Jalil Lespert. A trial [in] the cards?" Meanwhile, Bonello and the Saint Laurent crew said they're "not scared of Bergé's legal threats" and postponed their version because they need more time to fully realize their "artistic ambitions."